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Where you are:Home page>>Corporate news>>Lifting platform can be adjusted by the lifting speed?
It is understood that most of the lift units are controlled by the power unit and the cylinder, so its speed is bound to these two aspects, of course, in addition, there are certainly other factors that can affect Lifting platform movements, want to know what it is?

Carefully observe the lifting unit power unit, you can find it on the set of four holes, which is used to adjust the size of the power. Adjusting the speed of the motor in the power unit of the lifting platform or the electro-hydraulic proportional valve can adjust the flow rate of the hydraulic oil to adjust the lifting speed of the lifting platform.

If you want to adjust the lifting cylinder through the cylinder speed, the key depends on the size of the cylinder, as long as the design requirements to meet the circumstances, as much as possible to reduce cylinder size, can enhance the lifting speed. And the smaller cylinder size, lift the lifting speed will be faster.

And the so-called other factors refer to the tubing and load, the longer the hydraulic tubing of the lifting platform, the longer the rise time. Therefore, during installation, it is necessary to reduce the length of the tubing as much as possible within the designed allowable range so as to effectively increase the lifting speed of the lifting platform.

In most cases, the lifting capacity of the lifting platform is limited so as not to affect the lifting speed of the lifting platform. The weight of the lifting platform can not be overloaded at one time to ensure the normal operation of the lifting platform. If the emphasis on the impact on the speed, if the goods are too light, but also the normal delivery time.

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